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Intelligent Business Application: NOVA

To stay relevant and to stand out from your competitors you need flexibility and the ability to innovate and constantly adapt to new circumstances. A cloud-based IT landscape, based on a modern architecture, is your starting point. Corpotations can improve their existing business processes, discover new business opportunities, and have the necessary flexibility and the ability to adapt to new conditions to stay one step ahead of the competition with Nova solutions.

Flexible, Convenient and Functional

Nova provides ERP capability to businesses through a range of integrated business applications covering activities related to Production, Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Finance and other operations. It allows you to start with only the applications you need, improve your processes, and ensure customer satisfaction by obtaining instant and valuable predictions. As your business grows, you can always have additional apps and users when you need more.

What Is Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) is a powerful tool that extracts, optimizes, analyzes and presents company data. In this way, it is possible for corporations to predict future trends while providing a detailed view of past and current business activities. The Business Intelligence application is a tool that helps management to understand and know what is going on in their business and supports existing IT systems.

Reporting and Analysis at One Point

NovaBI is a web-based business intelligence system with rich options for data visualization. No matter where your data is, NovaBI can access these data as a single reporting and analysis point and presents your data in the format you want with superior visualization features. Supporting all popular data sources including Excel, NovaBI allows you to query, report and analyze data on these data sources instantly and in multi-dimensional manner. You can examine the relationship of the data and get more meaningful information for your business.